135 hotels offered by Thomas Cook are going to TUI portofolio

TUI tourists will be happy to go at 135 hotels previously from TUI portofolio.

The biggest number are in Turkey with a total of 30 hotels. Also 22 hotels in Canary Islands, 16 from Greece and 13 from Mexico.

135 hotels offered by Thomas Cook are going to TUI portofolio“The customer is truly at the heart of everything we do at TUI and this additional growth in hotels demonstrates our continued commitment for people to discover their smile with us” said Mark Hall from TUI.

Thomas Cook was a British global travel group with its roots in 1800’s. The travel company became bankrupt in September 2019 after the management failed to solve some huge problems with its creditors.

TUI Group is an Anglo-German multinational travel and tourism company with a revenue of more than $19B in 2018.

After the Thomas Cook fail the other big travel companies take the control of some operations from the bankrupt company.

It was also the biggest effort of British Gov to bring back the people from outside countries after the WW2.


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