Angela Hotel, Aegina, Agia Marina, Greece



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Hotel Angela is located to the picturesque village of Agia Marina, near the central road, as we are comming from the famous Monastery of Saint Nektarios.

You will find the Hotel at the second street, left, after you enter Agia Marina.

It is a very beautiful and quiet hotel, build in an ideal location, with a very nice garden full of trees and green.

The hotel is only 150 meters away from the sandy beach of Agia Marina and very close to the center of Agia Marina.

You can go whereever you like, to Agia Marina, to the beach or to the pool-bar by feet, without using a transportation mean, because all are very near.

Your journey starts at: Angela Hotel in Agia Marina using HotelFLux crawl system

Angela Hotel

  Full address: Agia Marina, gr: Main Street

The hotel have 20 rooms*. The minimum price* is: 28EUR and the maximum price* is: 45EUR

The room number it is the total rooms which are contracted by the touroperator crawled by us. The minimum and maximum price if are given, if not you will get zero or no value


This it is the location of your journey:

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