Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway



Opened one July 7th, 1989 the Atlantic Ocean Road was running till 1999 when it was closed for transportation and preserved as it is now for tourism.

Now all the 8.3 km (5.2ml) are your and also maybe one of the best places for automotive commercials as it is a perfect place to make such kind of things.

You have in total eight bridges. Starting from Ulheim you will pass the island of Kuholmen, arriving then to the island of LIttle Luavoy, going to Store Luavoy. The trip doesn’t stop here, as you will continue to Geitoya, then Eldhusoya, Lyngholmen arriving to Ildhusoya where you’ll take a brake for pictures and what do you want.

After taking the brake you continue your trip to Storseisundet Bridge, arriving then to Flatskjaeret for another brake for photos before arriving to other stop places as Skarvoy and Stromholmen.

antalnticoceanroad2For sure for non Norwegian speakers it was already a great trip on interesting words but all that places should just be visited for a really great experience.

If you are lucky enough you’ll catch the making of an auto commercial.

So Norway it is not only the best place for the best place of salmon traditional cuisine but  also a great country with great people, places and architecture!



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