Carrera Lake (Lake Buenos Aires), Santa Cruz, Argentina

Carrer_Lake_Buenos_Aires_Santa_Cruz_Argentina1Carrera Lake, named also Buenos Aires Lake is situated in Patagonia being part of Chile and Argentina, because of this having two different names, international recognised.

If you want to go fishing salmon or trout this it is your perfect place. You could also see the Marble Cathedral ( a very nice cave) at the lake center.

The lake is about 1850 square km wide having a maximum deph of 586m.

OK, we took your attention.
Please be advised that because of less civilized tourists the governments of the two countries imposed some restriction visiting this area, so when you plan the trip here it is good to have this in mind!

Carrer_Lake_Buenos_Aires_Santa_Cruz_Argentina2 Carrer_Lake_Buenos_Aires_Santa_Cruz_Argentina3



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