We care about your data

Any info we receive from you it is transmitted to us by encrypted connection. As you could check in your browser address bar, any valid connection to HotelFlux it is through 'https'

What info did we collect from you?

  • Your username and password to login in or and the info gave at registration time
  • Your preferences for or as you provided
  • The IP addresses where from you are accessing our systems
  • What browser and what devices are you using with us
  • The information about what servers from our Datacenter are you using and from what web site are you coming

Why did we collect all this info and to where are we using this info?

  • For your security you will need a user name and a password and also an e-mail address registered on our system.
  • We make big efforts each day to find the best solution in order to develop and improve our services. For this we need to know how are you using our services where from are you reading all info, what browsers, Operating System, or device are you using. We just try to give you the best on any device and any location.
  • We monitor all IPs which access our DataCenter as we should know if there are no security braches and we need to know if somebody is trying to hack your account who is that person.
  • If we need to talk with you we need an e-mail address from you in order to start our conversation. Also if we change any term from our Policies we should have where to send all this info
  • You give us your location as we need to know what it is more representative for you and also in order to have the right ads.
  • Not at least we have ZERO Tolerance Policy for fake accounts

What do you share with the others from and

  • You are the single in charge about what you share with the others
  • The ranking for hotels and places are shared as anonymous in 'Totals'

If you want to change or remove any info about/from you

  • Please just log into the system and make all the changes from your account


For more info please just send an e-mail to