Homebush Bay, Australia


Homebush Bay, AustraliaHomebush Bay it is situated on west of Sydney making it very accessible and it was estabilished in the 1800s by D’Arcy Wentworth. According to a historian “Wentworth is popularly credited with having called the area after his ‘home in the bush'”

The central attraction it is the large watercraft ship SS Ayrfield (1,140 tonne) build in 1911 serving until 1972 when it was programmed for dismantled. But the ship remained as the largest object in the area now infamous because of pollution. Step by step the shipwreck was covered by trees an vegetation make it picturesque.

Homebush Bay, AustraliaBetween 2008-2010 it was a big effort to remove the chemicals from Homebush.

As you are in Sydney, this means that you are in one of the top fifteen cities in the world for tourism since 2000.

Here you will visit Sydney Opera HOuse, the Queen Victoria Building, Taringa Zoo, Sydney Olympic Park, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, The Rocks, Watsons Bay, Sydney Tower, Darling Harbor, the Australian Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and many more.

Homebush Bay, AustraliaSydney it is for sure a destination for a journey, you have to decide only when you want to start your journey here.

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