Jamaica to appoint tourism advisors in Europe

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says he will appoint several of Jamaica’s honorary consuls in Europe as unpaid tourism advisors to his office, in his effort to significantly boost Jamaica’s market share for European tourists.

Bartlett made the announcement following meetings with Jamaica’s honorary consuls in Europe: Jorn Follmer (Munich, Germany); Mirko Miljus (Serbia); Chetwynd R.F. Bowling (Russia); Peter-Joachim Schoenberg (Hamburg, Germany); and, Dr Marian Valko (Bratislava, Slovakia) at Jamaica’s Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

The meeting also included Jamaica’s Ambassador to Germany Margaret Jobson, following the minister’s consultations with Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith.

“Among the roles of the tourism advisors, most of whom reside in cities and countries where Jamaica has little or no presence, is to work closely with the Jamaica Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism in marketing the destination, attracting investments for the sector, assist in coordinating increased airlift arrangements from several European destinations into Jamaica, and be the point of contact for all government-related tourism activities in their respective countries and cities,” Bartlett said.

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