Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu_Picchu_Peru_2The Inca 15th site Machu Picchu it is situated at 2430 m (7970 ft) above sea level in Cusco Region, Machupicchu, Peru.

After the Spanish conquest  the Machu Picchu site it is abandoned.

Starting with 1983 it is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site., being voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

There are a lot of histories of this site, and also theories, talking about aliens, about human sacrifice or mysticism.

The Inti Mach’ay it is the most significant part of Machu Picchu with huge entrances, steps,windows and walls.
Machu_Picchu_peru_3The top 10 Machu Picchu Secrets according to National Geographic are:

  • It’s not actually the Lost City of the Inca
  • It’s not stranger to earthquakes
  • Much of the most impressive stuff is invisible
  • You can walk up the ruins
  • There’s a great, hidden museum that no one goes to
  • There’s more than one peak toclimb
  • There’s a secret temple
  • There are still things to be found
  • It has a great sens of direction
  • It may have been the end of a pilgrimage

Machu_Picchu_Peru_1According to Lonely Planet, the to things to see in Machu Picchu are

  • Hut of the Caretaker of the Funerary Rock
  • Sacred Plaza
  • Temple of the Three Windows
  • The Inca Trail
  • Temple of the Condor
  • Wayna Picchu

And not at last, yes, your journey could start at Machu Picchu, Peru!

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