Moscow has hotline for tourists from now

Are you in Moscow and want to find where to go?

Moscow has hotline for tourists from nowNow you could get hep 24 hours a day calling short number 122.

The operators are currently speaking Russian and English, but Russia plan to add more languages.

The Committee for Tourism declare that ”the number of tourists visiting Moscow is growing every year, so the call center is an important step to get their feedback. The short number 122 is easy to remember and takes only a few seconds to dial on your mobile phone. Call Centre operators provide advice in Russian and English, which is vital given the growing number of foreign tourists in Moscow. To establish the Moscow Tourist Information Support Centre, we made use of our previous experience, including the hotline of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development during the 2018 FIFA World Cup”.

Now you could find a lot of info by calling the hotline, from events to how to pay the public transportation, where is a park or museum and much more.

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