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HotelFlux.com Terms and Conditions

1. The hotelflux Service

1.1. HotelFlux.com (hereinafter referred as ‘hoteflux‘) provides it’s Services to you through hotelflux.com web site using secured connection through SSL and SPDY protocols.

1.2. All the Terms and Conditions could change from time to time in order to fulfill the requests. There it will be a notification on our website(s) or on mobile devices applications.

1.3. Using hotelflux services you should read, understand and agree all these Terms and Conditions, as well as thePrivacy Policy. For European Countries you should also agree the use of cookies from our web site(s)

2. The hotelflux Services, direct, indirect Contracts

2.1. hotelflux service is giving you the possibility to compare the third party tourism services using hotelflux systems

2.2. Please be advised that hotelflux it is not a tour operator or travel agency, so all the compared services are owed by third party tour operators and travel agencies. You also are not signing a contract with those travel agencies or tour operator through hotelflux because you are directed to their website directly where you will be check the contracts for the travel services you choose. After all hotelflux it is working as a search engine as Google or any other.

2.3. hotelflux cannot guarantee for the services provided by third party agencies you contract. Also hotelflux cannot guarantee for any problems, viruses, damages from the websites of the third party agencies from the system. hotelflux cannot verify the authenticity of the offers from third party agency from our systems. We recommend you to read carefully all the terms and conditions from the third party agency before you make any reservation as any risk taken it is solely your.

2.4. Because of point 2.2, 2.3. from the Terms and Conditions hotelflux will have no responsibilities for any issuesbetween you and hotel, you and travel agency or between travel agency and hotel.

2.5. You are also agree to respect hoteflux Community Standards using our website(s)

3. Access and utilization of hoteflux Services

3.1. You agree to use hoteflux services for personal use only You have no permission for the following activities if you don’t have a written permission from hotelflux:

  • access the hotelflux system in other way than the official provided (web site, mobile applications made by hoteflux);
  • copy, clone, spoof the hotelflux SSL Certificate(s);
  • try to copy, clone, reprogram, exploit, adapt any parts from hoteflux website or system
  • enter or backend network, even using portscan or other software in order to compromise the security of travelfluxnetwork;
  • use our system for commercial purposes;
  • translate, include the information on other site/application;
  • SCAM hotelflux user;

3.2. If any suspect activity it is registered from your account/IP address we could suspend, ban or report to authorities your activity on hotelflux system, even without any notification.

3.3. All front end and back end hotelflux servers are strictly monitored.

4. Limitation of Liability

4.1. hotelflux will be not liable for any kind of damages caused to you by any third party. hotelflux try to use only the best travel agencies when it is searching for offers but will not guarantee for any third party. As it was specified the single role ofhoteflux is to search and compare offers, all the offers are also searchable on any search engine.

4.2. hotelflux does not act as travel agency, tour operator, or organizer at any time. All the payments for the reservations made on the third party will be made to that third party, it is impossible to make any kind of reservation to hotelflux. Once the prices are compared, the user will choose the best solution, making click on the third party link. After the user click on the third party link the user will leave hotelflux system and will enter on the third party reservation system

4.3. hotelflux cannot check any information from a third party agency, so the user will be sole responsible to check all the information once arrived on the third party web site.

4.4. hotelflux has no liability also on the disputes between hoteflux users. Anyway hotelflux users should respect thehotelflux Community Standards if not their accounts could be terminated.

4.5.hotelflux is a best effort service, so should not be responsible for any technical malfunction or force majeure. Even the uptime of hotelflux system is more than 99.99%, we could perform any time technical maintenance.

4.6. hotelflux never ask money from his users, does not ask about any credit/debit card information, hotelflux it is a free service for end users


5. Disputes

5.1. Any disputes should be solved in a peacefully way. If this it is not possible the disputes will be solved by Law


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