Survey of foreign travelers visiting Japan

The JTA conducted a survey of foreign travelers visiting Japan about the welcoming environment

Based on the “New Tourism Strategy to Invigorate the Japanese Economy” (drawn up on March 30, 2016), in anticipation of 2020 and beyond, in order to realize a “world-class tourist destination,” it is necessary to promote a more welcoming environment so that international visitors can comfortably enjoy sightseeing and not be stressed.

The JTA conducted a “Questionnaire on Creating a More Welcoming Environment for International Visitors to Japan,” and compiled a total of 5,332 responses. The most common worry during traveling was, “communication with the staff of facilities, etc.,” followed by “free public Wi-Fi” and “multilingual displays.” However, 30.1% answered “I did not have any problems.”

By analyzing the results of this survey and understanding the issues, we can promote the development of a more welcoming environment.

Outline of Implementation

For the survey, we targeted international travelers departing Japan from frequently used ports, mainly Narita International Airport, Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), and Kansai International Airport. We conducted a questionnaire survey on needs and satisfaction levels regarding language support, communication environment, public transportation, etc.

Results of the survey

There were no major differences between respondents’ countries or regions, but the results of analyzing the items that were frequently indicated as sources of trouble are as follows:
· The most common location where free Wi-Fi could not be used was “on trains” (24.7%).
· The most common places of trouble with “Multilingual displays” and “Communication with staff of facilities” were “restaurants / stores” (multilingual display 21.5%, communication 23.1%).

(source Japan Tourism Agency )

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