Tasmania, Australia


Tasmania, AustraliaTas, or Tasmania it is just another amazing destination in Australia, an island of more than 68,000 square kilometers waiting you to discover it.

The climate it is cool temperate and if you are looking for summer please take in mind that here the summer months are from December till February. If you wish to come here during the winter you must choose anytime between June and August! Anyway during the Tas summer you will enjoy a maximum temperature of about 24C or 75F

Because of its isolation Tasmania has an unique fauna and flora. Here you could see the eucalypt forest, the Tasmanian tiger and the Tasmanian devil.

Tasmania, AustraliaThe best way to arrive in Tasmania it is by air as here you will find  a few airports, but also you could choose a ferry.

Are you already in Australia or you plan a trip full of interesting things to see? Tasmania it is just another best place for you to enjoy the spectacular nature!

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Tasmania, Australia

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